Spectator's Pledge

The following is a direct plagiarism of the "Parent's Youth Sports Pledge" from our partnering community, Town of Mukwonago.  The Town of Mukwonago requires parent signatures while the NPAA doesn't.  However, the bullet points are valid and is what the NPAA expects all spectators / parents to follow. 

I pledge to place the emotional and physical needs of my child ahead of my own personal desire to win.

I pledge to teach my child that doing one's best is more important than winning.

I pledge to remember that children learn best by example.  I will provide positive encouragement for both teams and will refrain from making insulting or inappropriate comments to any player, parents, officials, or coaches.

I pledge to accept all decisions and calls made by the officials.

I pledge to be a role model.

I pledge to respect my child's coaches by supporting them, keeping the lines of communication open, and assisting them when appropriate.

I pledge to not give my child or other players instructions during the game.  Rather, I will let the kids play and let the coach, coach.

I pledge to remember that my child plays sports for his or her enjoyment - NOT mine.

I pledge to remember that the game is for the kids - NOT me.

I pledge to be responsible for all family and friends when in attendance to demonstrate good sportsmanship behavior.